January 21, 2015

Early Departure

20cm x20cm  oil on canvas board

I was on my way to the platform just crossing the bridge when I noticed a lady taking a picture of the beautiful sunrise. 
I quickly took out my camera and made a photo myself. I wish I had 15 or 20 more minutes to see the loveliness that was evolving minute by minute ...

Later I thought how easily we can miss the beauty that surrounds us ... I was focused on getting to the platform and was not even late!

As I went on my journey the power failed and instead of getting upset - I had planned to watch a nice film - 
I took out a good book and decided to enjoy my journey.
And that´s the point, arrival is something to look forward to but so short ... the journey takes a lot longer, 
so why not enjoy the time while we´re on the way to where we are going :)

That´s enough words now, let´s get back to painting ;)

Please feel free to comment.
Thank you.

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