February 28, 2015

Munich - Schwabing

20cm x 20cm  oil on canvas board
Round the corner where I grew up as a child are lovely streets with beautiful architecture. 
I don´t know how many times I passed by this balcony even as an adult. 
And since I ´m painting wanting to paint it. 
 Well I´ve done it now. 
What amazes me is, that the balcony is still the same, after all these years, still in its place, still beautiful. Maybe the tenant or the owner has changed. 
I´m sure if it was able to talk, it could tell a lot of stories...

$ 99.00

February 27, 2015

Munich, Maximilianstraße

20cm x 20cm oil on canvas board

As much as I wanted to paint cityscapes and now also do, I find them very challenging. 
Not so much the colors or the composition but ..., yes ..., drawing. 
The perspective, cars, people moving, etc.
I think one of the most important matters to painting in general is drawing. 
If values are fine, the composition well chosen, you have variety in your brushstrokes and a lovely color harmony but don´t have a good drawing ...

Especially when painting plein air. One is on location, ready to go. 
You´re all excited and just want to put all the colors down on your canvas that you see 
and find later, all that you got is a good color-scheme-reference for a future painting. 
By the way for those of you who are painting: please don´t scrap those paintings, they are still very valuable, all the light and shadow colors are there, the values, 
only if it would have been drawn better.

Well that´s just me ;-)


February 10, 2015

Still standing

20cm x 20cm  oil on canvas board

Thanks Laurel for the challenge.
A felt pen study of an old tree I had made in 2005 was the starting point for this painting. 
Probably just waiting for this challenge ;)

No black paint used in this and all my paintings.

Please feel free to check out my palette.

 $ 99.00

February 9, 2015

Lakeside, early morning - 3 months later

18cm x 24cm  oil on canvas board

It is really amazing how nature puts on a different "dress" every day of the year, every year. One and the same spot never has the same mood. That is what fascinates me when revisiting a scenery for painting. I´ve painted this spot a few times, apart from passing by countles times witout me painting it.

I´ve added to this post an additional paintig as reference, paintd three months ago.
Hopefully you do:)

Auction applies only for the painting above

$ 109.00

Here´s the one I made earlier :)

15cm x 18,5cm  oil on carton

$ 99.00

February 4, 2015

By the riverside park

18cm x 24cm   oil on canvas board

A painting from my archive, painted in England, January 2007.
I´ve just added a few finishing touches to it ;)

$ 99.00

February 2, 2015

Another rainy day

12cm x 17cm  watercolor on 275 g/m² paper

A photo I took in Munichs old city by the Opera was the starting point for this watercolor painting. I had planned to do a little quick study with watercolor to see what it could look like as a painting. It was very challenging for me to do as I mainly paint with oils.
Hope you like it. I definately do :)

$ 99.00

February 1, 2015

Rainy shopping day

20cm x 20cm  oil on canvas board

A rainy shopping day in Munichs old city

$ 109.00
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