December 31, 2014

Why not relax

18.5cm x 15cm  Oil on canvas board

A lovely café next to Starbucks in the "Hofgarten" in Munich, 
where one can sit back and relax ...

Happy new year to you 

and thank you very much for stopping by 
to share the passion for painting with me :)


December 30, 2014

Happy new year

Dear Visitor,
Thank you very much for 
taking time to share my passion for painting with me.
I just want to wish you  happy and prosporous 2015.
Michael Sason 

Charles Bridge Prague - rainy weather

18.5cm x 15cm  Oil on canvas board

 Probably the most famous place in Prague. It was a rainy day when I painted this one.

- En Plein Air -


December 29, 2014

Tubes of paint

15cm x 20cm  Oil on oil-primed board

Talking about tools of the trade, here´s one I painted a few years ago.
I still remember the day. It was raining and not the kind of weather one would like to go out and paint.
And as I looked in front of me there it was, ... my still life already set up.


December 28, 2014

In the beergarden

15cm x 18.5cm  Oil on canvas board

There is a little lake in the midst of town with a lovely bavarian beergarden, called "Seehaus". 
A beautiful spot to have drink.
I like those backlit scenes.


December 27, 2014

Evening sun

15cm x 18.5cm  Oil on Michaels canvas board

 A quick sketch done on one of my favorite spots. This time I made it before sundown. The light changed quickly but I already had established the composition and finished the painting when the sun had alredy set.
- en plein air -

$ 99

December 26, 2014

Armani ?

20cm x 20cm oil on stretched canvas

A gentleman sitting on the steps of the "Feldherrn Halle" in Munich


December 24, 2014

Season Greeting

Dear Visitor,

Thank you very much for stopping by 
and taking time to share my passion for painting with me.

I just want to wish you a merry Christmas and a 
happy and prosporous 2015.

Michael Sason 


December 23, 2014

Cloudy Sky

20cm x 20cm  oil on canvas board

Thank you Carol for this challenge.
A photo was the starting point for this painting.

$ 99

December 18, 2014

Winter sunrise

15cm x 20cm  oil on carton

The early hours of the day or just before sunset can bring out the most beautiful colors. It amazes me over and over again how the same spot can have countless moods, colors ... - well you can see that words are not really my greatest strength ... that´s probably another reason why I paint :)

Here´s some information on oil painting on carton. Carl Spitzweg, Carl Schuch and Picasso painted
on carton, just to name a few famous painters.
Read more ...

comments are very welcome

December 17, 2014

Going out with the dogs

15cm x 15cm  Oil on canvas board

A study that I painted almost three years ago was the inspiration for this artwork.

Very challenging for me to do, not only because it is so different to catch the scene without the fresh cold air, the noise the snow makes when you step to and away from the easel while painting, or some crows flying off in the distance, but also because of the format. I really like the proportion 4:5 for my canvas.

I still remember that crisp winter morning when I went out to paint this wonderful morning light.
When two people with their dogs passed me by I took a chance and jotted  their silhouettes down quickly. Well, sometimes one wins and sometimes one looses.
I think I got this one.

Another one for Michael´s "painting diary".


December 16, 2014

Sunset at the forests edge

15cm x 18.5cm  Oil on Michaels canvas board

A quick sketch just before sunset. The colors in the sky...
just had to do try and catch the mood ...

$ 99

December 15, 2014

My paint box

15cm x 18.5cm  Oil on Michaels canvas board
Today was another grey and foggy day but I wanted to paint something more colorful ...
here it is ... my paint box.

check out my palette


December 14, 2014

Evening stroll

15cm x 15cm  Oil on acid-free carton
One of those mild evenings, some stroll down the avenue, others paint  :-)

I took a chance in this plein air painting as people were moving.
No foto reference on this one :-)
-plein air-

$ 99

Hit it good

20cm x 20 cm Oil on canvas board

This painting depicts people playing baseball in the "English Garden" a large Munich city park.

This one´s for all who enjoy the warmth of the sun right now somewhere on this planet
and for those looking forward to spring and summer :-)
... that´s why I decided to put it out on auction again ...


December 12, 2014

Man vs Machine

15cm x 18.5cm  Oil on oil-primed board

A photo I took along the river Itchen in Southampton, England.
The sunbeams just about touching the outlines of that boat in the background,
... and "Michael rowing the boat ashore"...
I think that was it, ... just had to paint it :-)
I like backlit scenes very much anyway.


December 11, 2014

Just before sunset

20cm x 20cm  oil on stretched canvas

This one is painted from a photo I took 
years ago on a visit in London.
I do however prefer to paint from life.

December 10, 2014

Three red apples

15cm x 15cm  Oil on canvas

I don´t see myself a landcape painter. Colors, shapes and forms, light and shade, ... that is really what I like best to paint...


December 9, 2014

By the pond - winter

20cm x 25cm  Oil on canvas board

This is a work done from a study that I painted this February. December round here can be still quite mild and so I keep dreaming of a white x-mas :-)

$ 119

December 8, 2014

Four apples

18cm x 24cm  Oil on MDF canvas board
The old Masters of the trade inspired me to paint this scene ...

December 6, 2014

Dusk - in the City

20cm x 20cm  oil on canvas board

There are quite a few bridges over the river Isar in Munich. 
This is one of them - at dusk.


By the old church

20cm x 25cm  oil on cartonboard

​An old church from the 15th or 16th century in the south of Munich. 
The light and shadows ...
... actually I painted this one a few years ago, 
and came across it again. So why keep it to myself ...


December 3, 2014

Dresden - River Promenade

30cm x 40cm  oil on stretched canvas

Long before I began to paint I very much liked to make photos, even as a child.
Backlit scenes have since caught my attention.

There might be a painter in every passionate photographer ;-)

$ 139
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